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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
8:59 pm - New Orleans Requiem game Dec. 13th

Game Announcement

Teaser -

Death and decay hang thick in the are as New Orleans spirals farther into an ominous fog of fear that has been hanging around the city for weeks.  What could possibly be causing this?  No one knows for sure but speculation runs high and and it could have something to do with many long dead members of the city's mortal populace being rudely awakened from their much earned slumber, or it could just be New Orleans at it's usual.  Who knows, but one thing's for sure, something is wrong....

Our next game will be on December 13th, at our old City Park location.

Venue: Requiem: Pre-game time: 7:00pm Site prep! Meet and greet share
stories, food and drink.

Check-in: 7:30pm

Game Start: 8:00pm

Game Location: maps.google. com - 618 City Park Ave, New Orleans, LA

What to Bring: A new Player! Food to share! Drinks For all and ICE!
People who bring snackage and drinks will be awarded tasty prestige.
And a Character sheet might be of some use as well.

Location Notes: Parking along the street is pretty sweet. There is
also parking available behind the Center.

If you get lost, call me (Don) on my cell - 427-9538

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8:54 pm - Hello all,

Just posting to say hi.

Looks like it has been a bit since anyone has posted to this page.


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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
11:55 am - FWD: OKC -Teasers

I have been trying to post the second teaser for the OKC Game August 30th to the list, and have met with failure since the White-Wolf List servers are currently down. So I am sending this email to as many people as I can. Please forward it to people that are planning on making it to the game, or may be interested in the OKC Plotlines. I will be sending out a final Teaser or Friday. Hope to see you all at the game on Saturday.

Chris Martire

----------- IC Teaser, OKC, 2 of 3

It's been three days since the meeting at the compound. The days sure have gone by quickly. When we left that place, my employer seemed content enough. However, each day after, there appeared to be some tension in the air, not to mention that infernal rain has yet to stop. Yesterday I watched the news, and it appears that all the doctors in this town are incompetent. There was another fifty heart/health related deaths in the metro reported. The news caster mentioned the time; 7:00pm. Damn, I better get ready. This could turn out to be one hell of an evening.

Later in the evening, as I crossed the city to pick up Mr. Blackwater, I noticed the streets were deserted. Even the vagrants and leeches on society had found places to hide. I guess I'm not the only one that has noticed the dark ominous feeling which has descended upon the city as of late.

My employer was sitting at the same place at the bar that he usually perches. When I approached him, he looked up with a smile. He didn't say much, pointed towards the bar tender, and went back to reading the paper. The tender gave me the usual, a couple of watered down tap beers.

I took a seat and observed the few individuals enjoying their liquid refreshments. Apparently alcohol was the only way to escape the eeriness of the city. With deserted streets, this small number of bar-flies seemed like a crowd. We sat for about a half hour until the rest of the guys showed up. I didn't know what they had planned but I had a feeling it was going to be one hell of a night.

The alcohol seemed to temporarily relieve a bit of the tension. Perhaps that's why we always met at the bar. Everyone was laughing and carrying on as we stood to begin our exit from the bar, and then something happened. A slight power surge caused the lights to dim, crackle, and flicker. Simultaneously, there was a crash of lightning. I briefly saw a silhouette of a figure walking slowly past the bar window. Then the lights escalated back to their full luminescence. Mr. Blackwater and the guys had fallen towards the floor. The big bald guy was lurching over a stool hurling and heaving his dinner all over. The regular drunkard in the corner was doubled over, holding his abdomen, sweating, and seemed to be struggling to stay conscious. Then I felt a horrible feeling deep in my stomach, and there was a stench of death that could bring a man to his knees. My eyes began to tear up from the stench. Mace would have been a happy, lesser alternative. As I looked around the rest of the bar, many of the other denizens were lying on the ground or slumped over the tables. I rushed to make certain Mr. Blackwater was ok; he was still breathing, but looked extremely disoriented. As I appeared to be the only person in the bar that was truly conscious, I started to check vital signs. Of the Crew, only one individual was dead; the rest were recovering. The news wasn't so good for the rest of the locals.

I knew we didn't need to be seen surrounded by all this death, so I brought everyone to their feet, and we left that wretched place. Besides, you can't just lie around feigning death when you have business to take care of…..

Thus ends the Second of three teasers into the Darkness that is Oklahoma City Requiem.

Chapter I: The Calm Before the Storm.

---------- Teaser End

----------- IC Teaser, OKC, 1 of 3

Three days ago (August 8, 2008), we watched the clouds appear. Something was very dark and ominous about them. As we ventured through the city we noticed the streets were strangely vacant. Even the local "hole-in-the-wall" bar didn't have its usual scum planted in their typical roosts. The bar tender approached us and shot us the usual watered down tap beer that locals have grown to tolerate. Strangely enough, he didn't even speak. Then we noticed the news broadcast and the drunkard at the end of the bar turned up the volume.

The news reported that all the hospitals in the Oklahoma City metro area have been experiencing a record number of heart/health related deaths in the last few days. The reporter's demeanor became very somber when she realized that the numbers totaled 242 to date. The ages of the deceased were all over the board. One doctor said that these deaths were puzzling to say the least; some of the cases occurred in healthy patients. The rest of the report was about healthy living, so our attention returned to the poor excuse for beer sitting in front of us.

Glancing at my watch, I noticed the meeting time was near. Though I had only been there a few times before, I could direct us to our destination by memory. Something about the place and its inhabitants made it unforgettable. As we crossed the city, I realized that it had changed almost overnight. There was a strange feeling of death, loss, pain, and suffering. The streets themselves appeared to be in agony. Then, the rain began. The guard at the gate recognized our car and let us in. The compound was the same fortified place that I remembered. When we approached the door, it was unlocked. The entrance appeared more inviting than usual. We checked our weapons at the door, and headed to the conference room where "they" waited.

The gentleman that I was escorting asked me to wait outside the conference room while he tended to business. Of course I complied as any good guard would, but not without getting a glimpse of what awaited him in the room. I noticed the council, twelve individuals, seated at a conference table with two additional individuals at its head. One was well dressed with a stole draped around his neck. The other, a female, addressed my employer as he entered, "Evening Mr. Blackwater, I expect that everything has been arranged?" Mr. Blackwater then replied "Indeed, everything you have asked, I have done. You will be most pleased."

Then the door was closed and I could hear no more.

Thus ends the first of three teasers into the Darkness that is Oklahoma City Requiem.

Chapter I: The Calm Before the Storm.

---------- Teaser End

Chris Martire
VST Requiem

(Crystal Remy US2002034713)

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11:43 am - FWD: OKC Requiem -This Saturday

I've been trying to send an updated game announcement since Sunday... again, list failure.

When you pass on the teaser, can you please all pass on the updated game announcement (included below). Thanks!


Howdy all!

5 days and counting til OKC blasts off with fun!

There is a small change to house warnings/rules, so please be sure to read.

What: Requiem game and "afters"
Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008
Time: 7:30pm check-in, 8pm game on
Location: Jess's House (address below)

**LOCAL MEMBERS - Domain meeting before the game/check-in. My house, 6:30pm!**

My house for the game (and "afters"). Couple warnings/house rules:

#1 - CAT - Sadly, I had to have the cat put down Friday night.. so there will be no cat. HOWEVER, while I will still clean, not all of the hair and dander will be gone. So, if you are allergic to cats, I still suggest taking Benedryl beforehand.
#2 - Bedrooms are off limits - I have a living room, sunroom, kitchen, office, garage, and backyard to RP/socialize in.... There is no need for you to be in the bedrooms.
#3 - Computer/Printer - My computer and printer will be off limits... and will, in fact, be OFF. I do now have wireless internet! So if you would like to bring your own laptop, you are welcome to use the wireless internet.
#4 - Food/Drinks - I've been on a special diet lately, so I have little to no food/drinks in my house. What food/drinks I *do* have in the house is generally "diet." So, bring food and drinks for you... or to share. This includes alcohol for "afters." (Remember that donations of food/drinks to the game is worth prestige.)
#5 - Accidents - We are all human... and accidents happen. If you break something, please tell me.
#6 - "Afters" - After game is called, everyone is welcome to stay and socialize if they wish. Again, it would be wise to bring food/drink/alcohol for you... and better if you share. This is not a wild party... this is a chance to socialize and have fun OOC. As house owner and DC, I reserve the right to remove people for being too rowdy.

My address: 3009 NW 66th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

IC Teaser:
The Danse Macabre in Oklahoma City may seem tame on the surface, but underneath boils dangerous levels of politics that could very well threaten any, and all, who are involved. The City long ruled by the Invictus is now ruled by the Cardinal, Conner Asthea of the Lancea Sanctum. The Cardinal’s rule may not be as absolute as he expects. It has been threatened by a Syndicate of Kindred who refuses to “play nice”. Can peace remain in balance... so begins the next chapter in the Requiem of Oklahoma City: The Calm Before the Storm.

**Keep an eye out for more teasers and plot kernels to be e-mailed out by our VST Chris Martire. He has 3 teasers that will be released individually (a few days apart)... which make one aweome story. So, keep an eye out for those!**

Can't wait to see everyone for some RP and OOC fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jessica Fazio

"my problem is that I shoot high, and run out of bullets"
Prose & Cons by Convoyeur

The Ever-present Cam Stuff:
The old A/DC of BCS...
ARC Education/Outreach

Player of Lady Arabella (Requiem)

(Crystal Remy US2002034713)

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Monday, September 10th, 2007


Good Afternoon:

 The following announcements are long, but important for those attending NERE ’07.  I will bullet point items and then allow the PSAs from the dedicated NERE Staff.


  • Everyone that needs a shuttle pick up from the airport after 8pm EST needs to e-mail me by MIDNIGHT West Coast Time.  Please include the following information: Airline, flight number, number of people traveling with you and time of pick-up at: an.camoffices@gmail.com.  I have specifically asked the shuttle staff to make these accommodations for our late night flyers.

  • Those arriving via plane between the hours of 5am – 8pm need to call the hotel front desk at the Maplewood Inn (315-451-1511) to schedule their airport pick up. 

  • If your flight becomes delayed, please call the number above to keep the driver informed.

  • If you choose alternate modes of transportation taxi services runs $15.00-$20.00 each way.

  • DEADLINES for early IC registration are MIDNIGHT EST TONIGHT.  The message from IC Check-In Follows.

  • Volunteer Opportunities are still available – this message and more information about NERE are below.


Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all at NERE,



An Doyle





It is now September and the countdown to NERE has begun.  Hotel rooms and
volunteer times are still available, so get yours today!

NERE to Victory! < http://nere2007.neregion.net/>
September 13-16, 2007
Syracuse, NY

at the

Maplewood Inn < http://themaplewoodinn.com/>
$79/night Camarilla NERE 2007 block

Volunteers are still needed so if you are interested, please let me know.
\Since NERE is only 4 days away (and counting) I've listed the various team

leads below and their contact information so that if you are interested in
volunteering you can email them directly.  I figured I'd just cut out the
middle man, even though that is me.  If you still want to email me about
volunteering please feel free to.  I am more than happy to answer any
questions you might have.

Con Lead: Aaron Fisher fisher.a.a@gmail.com
Con Second: Wendy Misuinas wendy.suzanne@gmail.com
IC Registration: John Christensen netbard@adigitalera.com
OOC Registration: Shuniqua Rodriguez camarilla@childofchaos.com
Charity: Trish Pettinati khourytamarisk@yahoo.com
Security: Phil Armstrong beckett151@gmail.com
Floor Coordinator: John Tyler us2003031415@hotmail.com
Hospitality: El Campbell elcammie@gmail.com
Design/Procurement: Deana Otto kittyrevealed@yahoo.com

I look forward to seeing everybody at NERE!

Liz Misamore
Volunteering = Regional Prestige




NERE is coming fast! You can speed through the OOC lines by pre-registering using White Wolf's online store. But there is one, and ONLY one, way to get to completely avoid the IC registration table. That's right - you won't have to see me at the convention!

How can you accomplish this feat without risking felony kidnapping and murder charges? By pre-registering your characters with me, by email, ahead of time.

The process for this is very simple:

1. Get an electronic copy of your character.

2. Mail that character to nereicreg@adigitalera.com.

3. Read the acknowledgment that comes back.

4. Print that acknowledgment with your character sheets when you're getting ready to go to the convention.

Go through these four steps and you're golden, you'll never have to see the IC registration table (unless your PC dies or something. But that *never* happens, right?)

Terms and conditions to the offer. Read these or be surprised:

1. I don't really care what kind of format your character sheet is in as long as it meets the following criteria. First, I have to be able to open the file. That means MS Office, PDF, or plain text. No, I will not go download and install some software package just because you want to keep your character sheet in an esoteric format.

2. I am not the new maintainer of your character sheets. Once you submit your sheet, you don't get to re-send it to me just because you got some XP and you want to spend it. The only re-sends I'll be accepting fit into these categories: (A) You honestly sent me the wrong thing. (B) Your character sheet has changed in such a way that you can't play what you sent me ( e.g.: a merit was removed from your sheet, an approval was removed from your sheet, your ghoul has suddenly become a vampire).

3. I am not the venue lead for any venue at NERE (thank god!). Generally speaking a convention VSS requires that you notify the event lead regarding certain items on your character sheet. Sending me your character sheet does not constitute that notification.

4. Don't cheat. You will get caught sooner or later, and you really won't like the results.

5. The acknowledgment I send you will act as your receipt that you have checked your character in. You must keep that acknowledgment with your character sheet when you enter play.

This offer does have an expiration date and that date is by 12:01am on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th. Miss that deadline and I'll see you at the IC registration after all.


John Christensen

Cam Info:
VST, NYD06 Forsaken
, NYD06

current mood: working

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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
10:40 pm - SERE & SCRE Prestige Update

We thank you kindly for all of your patience during the review process of the corrections for the SERE and SCRE.  Please follow the original links if you have been waiting for updates.

Please e-mail the office if you find any difficulties.

Happy Labour Day,

The NCA Office

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
2:58 pm - SCaRE Prestige

SCaRE Prestige Up!

With a special thank you to Kelley, those who volunteered for SCRE in 2007 may wish to make certain their prestige logs follow the following posting:


The NCA's Office would like to thank all those who ensured the success of SCRE 2007.  Your time is the most precious gift you can give.

If you believe you are missing hours, please e-mail: an.camoffices@gmail.com by August, 10th, 2007.

Thank you,

An, Genevieve, Nikki, John & Jessi

The NCA Office

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
3:51 pm

For those of you who have heard that the room block has sold out, we've resolved the problem, and there are more rooms available for SCaRE.  Go get your room!

SCaRE March 15th-18th, rooms are $79 per night.  Please remember to ask the hotel for the "White Wolf World of Darkness" room block.

Holiday Inn Select
5000 East Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK 74135
PHONE: 918-622-7000
FAX: 918-622-4947

Jenni Cross

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Friday, August 11th, 2006
10:29 pm - LARP
saden Hey, are there any LARPs left in Arkansas? Preferebly in the Western part of AR, but I'd be willing to go as far east as Little Rock. If any of you guys are playing in the area, it would be great to hear from you guys, gonna be in the state soon and need a game to play in.

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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
1:09 pm - Baby Cammie in Need

I don't often do this, but this hits close to home.

My Domain Coordinator, Leslea Cross, gave birth to her first son, Thomas Cross III, about two weeks ago. He was two and a half months early.

Thomas Cross III, or T3 as we've been calling him, is not doing well. He is in the Neonatal ICU at LSU Hospital in Shreveport, LA. And he needs blood rather badly. His bloodtype is O+, but his parents have an account set up with LifeShare bloodbanks that if you go in and donate, they will use that blood towards the amount that he needs. Just tell them it's for Thomas Cross III.

His papa, Thomas, said that T3 needs blood "desperately."

I plan on going out and donating blood to T3 tomorrow after work. I highly encourage you guys to do so as well.

Also, please keep Thomas, Leslea, and little Thomas in your thoughts and prayers.

Heather Knight

current mood: worried

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Thursday, April 6th, 2006
12:43 pm - RC meeting 04/05/2006

cut as requestedCollapse )

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
12:02 am - Log from SC RC/RST IRC meeting

[20:11] [Ricky_SCRC] Ok, thank everyone for attending. We have a small turnout tonight, so we shouldn't need to seperate chatting room from Q & A room as long as we attempt to keep non topic to a minimum.
[20:12] [Ricky_SCRC] Ok, in some world that just made sense, lets pretend like it did.
[20:12] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] It made perfect sense.
[20:12] [Ricky_SCRC] Our format for Questions.
[20:12] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] yeah, I think it helps that there's also an NST meeting happening now. :P
[20:13] [Ricky_SCRC] Please send the questions directly to me in a PM, and we will answer them in the order they arrived. Please limit questiosn to non specific questions, so that we do not have everyone having to sit thru questions about your audit, your appeal, your approval, etc.
[20:16] [Ricky_SCRC] Our RST Bryan will not be able to make it tonight, but he is by the phone if a question comes up that needs his answer.
[20:17] [Ricky_SCRC] [HarleyCox] In the last six months, I haven't seen any packets or documents come out of the ARC Education office. It looks like the deadlines keep getting pushed back. Will these materials be available before the new RC is elected? Will they be distributed electronically?
[20:20] [Lindsey_ARC_edu] standby
[20:20] [Shelley_W] Hola all....sorry I am late!
[20:20] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] technical difficulties?
[20:22] [Lindsey_ARC_edu] Harley, in an answer to your question. The final revisions have been completed for all of the packets. They are currently being reviewed by outside consultants to insure premium quality. They will be ready issued around the 1st of March.
[20:22] [Ricky_SCRC] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] What is the schedule regarding the RC election, and what is the procedure overall?
[20:24] [Bert] The plan for the election is to finish taaking application though the weekend since the lists been so messed up. Then we will place all of the DC's on the election list along with the canidates for about 10 days to ask questions and once everyone has questions answered by the canidate will have about 10 days for the DC's to poll their memebers and place their votes
[20:24] [Bert] The plan is to have the election done so that will have new RC by end of March
[20:25] [Bert] I will be sending out another call for applications once the servers decide they want to work
[20:25] [Ricky_SCRC] [DarthKelly] Will there be a backup elections list, in the case that the server goes down again?
[20:26] [Bert] There is not one set up at this point but I believe there was a yahoo list that we set up once before and will see if I still have access to it. Since I will be settig up the list can make sure to get a backup list set up if any issues come up
[20:26] * DarthKelly nods
[20:26] [Ricky_SCRC] [dmolsbee] What if your Domain is currently under elections? How do we go about getting a vote for RC? Our elections shouldn't happen until March11
[20:28] [Bert] I just spoke to Wes about this just last night. What we will do is either have the acting DC or an ADC step up and bve the voice. If none of those are set up such as the case for Houston now will get with Ricky and apoint someone to be their voice
[20:29] [Bert] I know right now I have the RC election and I believe 4 or 5 domains up for DC elections
[20:31] [Ricky_SCRC] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] how are the preparations, if any, coming along for the next SCaRE, or is that being held until after the RC election is over?
[20:33] [Ricky_SCRC] Currently we do not have any bids for SCaRE 2007, but that is something we need to solve ASAP. All the information for a potential hosting City can be found at thwe following site. http://camarilla.white-wolf.com/conventions/
[20:33] [Bloody-Ace-ARST-Req-SC] Little Rock is working on one.
[20:33] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] that would be nice. That's not too far away.
[20:34] * DarthKelly nods, "I'm all about LR myself."
[20:34] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] Rustons closer.
[20:34] * DonnyM-AARST-Elections smirks
[20:34] [Bloody-Ace-ARST-Req-SC] Airport Shuttles would have to be purchased, but we have lots of funds saved at Regional for SCARE 2007.
[20:34] [KathrynB-ooc] BR is closer... to me :P
[20:34] [DarthKelly] AR hasn't had a SCaRE yet, though.
[20:34] [DarthKelly] Brent - the hotels I sent you provides shuttles as a service.
[20:34] [Lindsey_ARC_edu] true
[20:35] [Bloody-Ace-ARST-Req-SC] Yup, we just have to negotiate them.
[20:35] [Bert] Dallas would but well we have had SCARE many times and want to share the wealth even if we are more central :)
[20:35] [Bloody-Ace-ARST-Req-SC] After the RC Election we'll know more on who gets to handle that as our DC is running.
[20:35] [DarthKelly] No, I mean, someone can get off of a plane and call the hotel to find out when the next shuttle will be.
[20:35] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] More central? To who? ;p
[20:35] [Tito-ARST-TT[workn]] How long ahead of scedule does scare need to be sceduled?
[20:35] [Ricky_SCRC] What will be improtant for a sucessful Regional is a decent sized airport, a strong hosting Domain, and a location the Region can/or will travel to.
[20:36] [Luke-SC_ARST-Mage] actually, I think Shreveport is actually the closest city to the center of SCR, for the record. :P
[20:36] [DarthKelly] Dallas is the most central domain in the region, Donny, =P
[20:36] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] that occured to me too, Luke
[20:36] * DarthKelly did the math via mapquest
[20:36] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] nah, dallas is way off to one side.. *Cough*
[20:36] [Tito-ARST-TT[workn]] I think we need to pull attention away from Louisana and Arkansas and move it to Texas and Oklahoma
[20:36] [Tito-ARST-TT[workn]] :P
[20:36] [Tito-ARST-TT[workn]] Dallas is perfect for us far Western SCRs
[20:36] [DarthKelly] Not next to Midland/Odessa, they throw everyone off. ;)
[20:37] [Tito-ARST-TT[workn]] Make you Easterns come to us for a change
[20:37] [LoganANSTRequiem] Tulsa
[20:37] [DarthKelly] Yeah. Tulsa's too far north for us Houstonians. ;)
[20:38] [dmolsbee] No worries for Midland/Odessa... at least not that I know of...
[20:38] [dmolsbee] I have been out of the loop for a little while- so I really haven't a clue.
[20:38] [clremy] but fights are really cheap
[20:39] [Ricky_SCRC] Really there are many fine cities to chosse between, and the bids will speak for thenselves. The SC's last two Regionals have been awesome and have shattered records for attendance. I know we will keep this trend going.
[20:40] [Ricky_SCRC] 427 people attended SCaRE in New Orleans, so we will keep this motivation going and continue to put on a great show.
[20:40] [Lindsey_ARC_edu] Gotta bounce for a few....class is over and I have to relocate to my room.
[20:41] [Ricky_SCRC] Any more questions, please PM them to me.
[20:43] [Ricky_SCRC] Ok, well is there anything you would like to talk about?
[20:44] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] how come no ones playing mortals :o
[20:44] [Howie] Guys, I am SOOO sorry.
[20:44] [clremy] I only have time for ine game
[20:44] [DonnyM-AARST-Elections] and by no one i mean few people
[20:44] [Ricky_SCRC] I need Feature applications for April, May, and June. I have many Domains all talking about bidding for April, but no bids as of yet. Lets get these months booked!
[20:47] [Ricky_SCRC] I'm just worried, because I see more then one Domain putting a ton of work into planning but haven't locked down the month. Just looking to avoid disappointments if another Domain grabs the spot.
[20:49] [Bert] Also just as an announcement for people here and be sure to pass it on to your friends and domains and chapters. We have 4 admendmenst to the US camarilla constitution up for a vote
[20:49] [Bert] every paid member is able to vote for this and the election will be going on till the 21st of March
[20:49] [Kim-W-4W-ADCAdmin] i already voted
[20:49] [DarthKelly] And if you already voted, make sure you sent it the right place as Wes got the wrong address on the website.
[20:50] [DarthKelly] Initially.
[20:50] [Kim-W-4W-ADCAdmin] i saw that too adn resent it, hehehe
[20:50] [DarthKelly] ;)
[20:50] [Bert] some of these are important and affect elections such as the ability for independant chapters to vote in RC and RST elections, the removal of the arbitration board and changes to the ways that people can resigne to include email
[20:51] [Bert] Yea Wes typed up the page and all for the NC website late last night and typoed, it should be coreected now. I do not have the link handy but it was sent out over US-announce and to every regional list i believe
[20:52] [Ricky_SCRC] Ok any last minute questions?
[20:53] [DarthKelly] http://camarilla.white-wolf.com/usnc/amendments.php
[20:53] [DarthKelly] Since the next non-cam con we're planning on attending is at the end of April, should we go ahead and wait for the new RC to try to get that approve as a sanctioned event?
[20:54] [DarthKelly] approved*
[20:54] [Ricky_SCRC] Write up what the Camarilla's involvement will be in that Con and e-mail it to me. I wnatt o try not to have a bunch of issue slam the new RC all at once.
[20:55] * DarthKelly nods
[20:55] [Bert] everyone pounce the cat!
[20:55] [DarthKelly] I don't have all of the info yet, but I'll see what we can do.
[20:55] [Cat_ARST-Forsaken] let's not...Cat has claws tonight...and a mantra of "I have an interview on Saturday"
[20:55] [Ricky_SCRC] Alright, well I thank you all for attending, and if you have any questions about other items please feel free to e-mail us at the following address' http://www.camscr.org/index.php?id=14
[20:56] [Ricky_SCRC] And http://www.camscr.org/index.php?id=15

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
10:57 pm - DST Apps

Is there a specific application to fill out for DST or do you just write something up yourself? Sorry for all the questions guys.

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Monday, January 16th, 2006
12:45 am - Help a brother out.

Can anyone help me find out what the full names of our Regional Coordinator and Regional Storyteller are, and what are their e-mail addresses?

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Friday, January 13th, 2006
1:16 pm - Any Mage Updates

Any updates on Mage venues in Texas?

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
12:10 pm - Updated Community Setup

I've finally gotten around to updating the website address and my email address.

The community is still "Open", but I'm asking your opinion: should we close the community?

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12:27 am - Hey does any one know anything about the...

Regional Featured Game, or whatever it is called, being held in Stillwater for the SteelCon weekend? I have been out of town and out of touch.

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
11:25 am - Regional Info

Does the SC have a working updated website anymore? All the sites I've found are either down or really old. A regional website with a game schedule would be really nifty. Santa?

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5:38 am - Dates of Games

What are the dates of Vampire games in and around Oklahoma. I mean the normal scheduled ones. I am looking to get a few people and travel out from Stillwater.

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Thursday, December 15th, 2005
3:43 pm - GLaRE! Detroit, Michigan, January 5-8, 2006

GLaRE! Detroit, Michigan, January 5-8, 2006

GLaRE still has hotels and pre-reg slots available! Come, play the
first hard RP Mage con game of the new chronicle! Volunteer and
charity donations are still being sought, so come earn some prestige!

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